Station M - UK Pirate Radio
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Station M - UK Pirate Radio

This site is dedicated to the memory of Tom Lodge, founder of Station M, who sadly passed away on 12/7/99.

Station M is a pirate radio station which operated on Wirral, Merseyside from late 1981 until early 1985.

Broadcasts were made on Sundays only, usually from around 11.00am until 9.00pm. During the station's life, only a handful of Sundays were missed.

The station settled on 1413 kHz AM in early 1982, and used this frequency until late 1984. Broadcasts then continued on FM only for a short time.

Station M nearly always put out a good signal, hampered only by location problems and DTI activity. Modulation quality was excellent from mid 1982 onwards.

The signal covered Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and much of the North West of England, as well as part of North Wales.

The station recently made a special one off broadcast as a tribute to Tom Lodge. This was on 90.3 stereo, from 1.00pm until 11.30pm on bank holiday Monday 30/8/99. Presenters were Roger Dee, Dave Wilson, Mike Ross, Mike Doyle. This was the first Station M transmission in 15 years.

Last Update : 31/8/99 - New SHORT Station M History!

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